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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Growing Demand for Contract Attorneys

In a sue happy world, the demand for contract attorneys continues to thrive. Many times you need a cup of coffee, magnification glasses, and a lounge chair to read the novellas that are modern day contracts.

While many of these legal documents may seem to go a tad overboard, it still holds true that it is better to be safe than sorry. Does your business need to hire a contract lawyer?

Contracts come in many lengths and with many purposes. When you are starting a small business, you will need to complete some or all of the following contracts:

·           Partnership Agreement
·           Business Purchase Agreement
·           Articles of Incorporation
·           Corporate Bylaws
·           Fictitious Name License
·           Waiver of Notice
·           Corporate Resolution
·           Limited Liability Company Worksheet
·           Letter of Intent
·           Simple Employment Agreement
·           Stock Purchase Agreement
·           Copyright Assignment Agreement
·           Vendor Contracts
·           Commercial Lease Agreement
·           Non-disclosure Agreement
·           Promissory Notes

Is that a long enough list sampling? That doesn’t even include specific industries. For example, those in the transportation industry will have trucking contracts, service industries will have a human resources contract, commercial real estate owners will add janitorial and gardener contracts, etc. The difficult part is that no two contracts are the same or should be. Of course it would be cost effective and easier to find a pre-fab contract online, sub in your company’s name, and print it out, but every company is unique and every situation has its own nuances. One size does not fit all when it comes to businesses and their legal coverage.

So what will a contract lawyer do for you? He or she can draft legal documents such as contracts, settlements, agreements or review ones that are presented to you from a contractor you wish to hire. They can carry out legal research on a particular issue of law that you need to be informed on or prepare annual reports. If you are creating an employee handbook, they can review or suggest modifications.

While most of these lawyers work on a temporary basis, having access to a good one is a great asset to your company. Let’s face it: contracts will keep coming up. Do you really want to sign a legally binding agreement that you don’t completely understand?


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